Sunday, May 17, 2009

How I will Remember Henrik Stenson

A week after Henrik Stenson won the Players at TPC Sawgrass, it seems like people are more  interested in analyzing Tiger's performance more than anything else.  It seems like the god of golf is still not in his tip-top shape.  We have witnessed a few hooks from the tee and a lot of missed putts that Tiger would usually make.  I even read about people commenting on his biceps that had grown too big, that it became a hindrance to his swing.  I say, give him a break! He is still the #1 ranked player and if you look at the statistics of his last several games, he still has an amazingly good record.  I guess we are all just not used to Tiger Woods playing like a mortal.  I wonder what is actually going on in his mind?  Maybe he is pressured to do well because of the hype that he will be giving us the biggest comeback in golf history?  We all know that golf is a mental game more than anything but I like to believe that Tiger's mortal performance is not because of his incapability to handle such pressure but because he is still nursing his injury.  Speaking of mental toughness, I can't get over what happened to Alex Cejka.  After leading by 5 after 54 holes, I never expected him to collapse the way he did and score a 79.  For a while there, I thought he will be the next Rocco Mediate.  I think Cejka would not have plummeted the way he did if he had not been paired with Tiger last Sunday.  I can't imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for someone to be playing with Tiger at Ponte Vedra.  TPC Sawgrass is known to be a very tough course and playing it alongside the "golf god" makes it even tougher.  I think Cejka would have won or played much better if he was paired with someone else. 

Now, let's go back to Henrik Stenson... sure, he won the Players and played VERY well but I will still remember him not as the 2009 Players champion, but the Swedish golfer, who stripped down to his underwear at the third hole during the first round of the World Golf Championships-CA in Doral!

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