Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger's Bromance

When the going gets tough, the bros get going.

Tiger Woods may now be linked to 10 women. While most of them came forward on their own for their 15 minutes of shame, I mean fame, Tiger still has an alliance of solid bromances that will stick with him no matter what.

Take Byron Bell for example. He is Tiger's childhood friend who allegedly paid for Rachel Uchitel's plane fare to Australia and booked her in the same hotel as Tigers, for what? A little rendezvous with his buddy Tiger?


And today, Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams released a statement in New Zealand as reported by the NZ Herald:
"I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods' stories. Kristy and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest soon."
Really? Of all people, you would think that Stevie would now something right? But I actually applaud Steve for staying out of this whole fiasco... kudos to you Mr. Williams! As for Mr. Bell... if the allegations were true, then shame on you.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Night Live Tiger Woods Skit

SNL Skit: Tiger and Elin Woods in CNN: Wolf Blitzer

Jim Furyk Wins Chevron World Challenge


A lot of people are waiting for this moment. Jim Furyk had been in a funk since after his last tournament win in 2007. Winning the Chevrom World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, CA is truly special not just for him but for fans like me. I've always rooted for Jim to win in almost every event and finally today, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, he did... one more time in his 30s. Furyk is 39 years old and will be turning 40 in May next year.


Adam Scott Wins the 2009 Australian Open

Over a year ago, many felt that Adam Scott epitomized everything young and new in the world of Golf. Ranking #3 in the world in 2008, it seemed like nothing can stop this young lad from conquering... But something did. His world ranking dropped over 50 spots this year and everyone had different reasons and opinion why 2009 had been a very bad year for Scott from too much partying to over-confidence. With only one top ten finish in 2009, nobody expected this Australian native to win the 2009 Australian Open in South Wales Golf Club but he did. What's even more surprising is him winning by 5 solid strokes over runner up Stuart Appleby.

Adam Scott was quoted saying to Golf.com:
"It's so bizarre, this game, that off the back of such a bad year I finally played good enough to win down here. This is very, very special to me to win here. This is going to be very sweet and something I will treasure for the rest of my career."
Greg Norman, who made the controversial decision to pick Adam Scott to play for the 2009 Presidents Cup International Team presented him with the Australian Open trophy.

Is this Australian Open Win a fluke or is this the return of THE Adam Scott? This remains to be seen in 2010.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye Golf

I haven't posted anything in 2 months. I was trying to keep my mind off playing golf and everything golf related. See, 2 weeks in to September, I found out that I am pregnant. Yes, I will have a little baby golfer in May 2010. I was really happy and excited about it but with every good thing comes sacrifice. I wasn't allowed by my doctor to play golf during my 1st trimester and come second trimester I was told that I could only play up to my 20th week as long as I abide with my doctor's "conditions". I guess every pregnancy is different. I am currently on my 16th week of pregnancy and after consulting with my doctor about playing 4 weeks ago, I have decided to not play at all. Why you ask? I play golf to have fun, get my exercise and enjoy but I feel that the conditions given to me would not make golf as fun as I am limited to so many things and at the back of my head, I don't want to be worrying about pregnancy-related things when I am out there (though I am still doing some putting drills in the living room).

I surely miss golf and I cant wait to play again next year but I know for sure that this sacrifice will be worth it once my baby arrives. Being a first time mom cant be as hard as learning to swing a golf club is it?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mickelson Wins Tour Championship, Earned $16,000 for Each Golf Stroke!

Sure, Phil Mickelson won the Tour Championship today in Atlanta but Tiger Woods denied him the $1o million FedEx Cup title as he finished 2nd. I am sure that Lefty is okay with it anyways... who wouldn't be after receiving a check for $4.35 million? Phil won $1.35M for winning The Tour Championship and $3.0M for finishing 2nd overall for The FedEx Cup.

Lefty says, "Let me see if I get this straight, I shot a 65 and he (Tiger Woods) shot a 70, and he gets a check for $10 million..." and he adds, "No, I'm just kidding. I didn't play well in the first three events to give myself a chance."

It must be awesome to play golf for a living and win tons of money... this much money!

Let's do the math... Phil Mickelson earned $16, 051.66 for EACH stroke he made the last 4 days! Do we even dare calculate Tiger's!?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blade Putter Covers from Japan

My inner dork strikes again! Some time ago, I posted photos of plush Japanese driver headcovers that I found interesting from Rakuten. I had fun doing it, so why not showcase Blade Putter Covers? Here are the ones that I think stood out:

Obasuka Golf putter cover. I like how the skull theme is not over the top.

This one is from Odyssey... Hold tight little one, Don't fall! haha!

These Puma putter head covers are the most psychedelic of them all!

Fairy Powder putter covers with its appealing simplicity... might come with fairy dust to block the dreaded 3-putts.
Aaaah, according to Skittles, "Taste the Rainbow!" These colorful covers are made by Paradiso.

You guys remember the cartoons Tom and Jerry? I used to watch a lot of those when I was young. Here's Jerry!
These asian inspired putter covers are my favorite. These are by Zipang Studio... I am actually thinking of purchasing one but couldn't figure out which design to pick.

Bridgestone's Doraemon... Love it!
Smiley with peace signs... time for zen putting! Putter cover and baby-tail by Como! Come!
Picone Club putter head covers... pretty colors!
That's all folks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Domonique Foxworth Doesn't Think Golf is a Sport

MASN asked Domonique Foxworth, cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens "10 Not-So-Hard Questions" and one of the questions was: What sport are you the worst at? The 26-year-old cornerback answers with a question, "Is golf considered a sport?" MASN answers, "Yeah, sure." and Domonique Foxworth continues with, "I don't know if I'd consider golf a sport. It's a pastime. But I'm no good at golf."

Ah, what to say... people have been debating and arguing about this issue, if golf is a sport or not, for a long time now. What's interesting is that both camps can prove the other camp wrong from statistical to scientific backup/facts. Do you think that if golf earns its spot on the Olympics, it will end all discussions on this topic?

The NorCal Puma Open 2009

Two days ago, Friday, September 18th, the boys and I drove all the way to Windsor, CA to be part of The Puma Open. It was a long drive from the east bay... with the traffic and a stop over for lunch, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the Windsor Golf Club. It was also a scorching 100+ degrees that day and I wasn't happy. I was pretty much in a foul mood because of heat exhaustion the first couple of hours. Registration was at 2:30pm and the tourney started at 4pm. Thank god it started to cool down when the tourney started...

During the registration, we were given instructions on how to play each hole (which I will share later on), and we were made to sign a waiver. Each player were also given 5 drink tickets which we can use throughout the day for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We were also given credits valid for purchases made towards any Puma Golf collection at the pro-shop. After the registration, before leaving the tent area, a Puma model hands each player a bag with a few puma goodies inside.

Between the registration and the tourney, players were free to practice at the range where range balls were provided, or check out the tent by the practice area where they showcased Cobra golf equipment. Naturally, the boys went to the range and I just hung out at Charlie's, the club restaurant, where it was cool and comfortable.

There were a total of 36 teams. The golf carts were all lined up before the event started... all were labeled with team names. This was when I started to feel excited about the whole thing, especially when the signal was given to head to your respective hole assignments for the shotgun start and everyone were cheering. woohoooooo....

The event was a 9-hole, four person scramble with a "twist"...

Hole #1 - Putt the Tee, Drive the Green
Sunny brought an extra putter just for this hole, not knowing that a banged up putter will be provided to us upon teeing off. Marc and I didn't do well driving with the putter, Joe's was long and wrong (bloked it), while Sunny's was perfect. He managed to drive the ball using a putter 170++ yards! We didn't know he had this hidden talent all along.

Hole #2 - AlmostGOLF Hail Mary
Before teeing off, we had to pick one player on our team to chip 3 balls from a designated area to where the rest of us were situated. The object of the game was to catch all 3 balls for casino chips. We picked Joe to chip while the rest of us tried to catch the balls. We caught all 3! :)

Hole #3 - Lucky 7
Play the hole using only your 7-iron. This hole was a par-4 and we got a GIR, thanks to Joe.

Hole #4 - Function Drinks Longest Drive
We had to use a plastic bottle to tee up. We heard people did a lot of crazy things on this hole, from actually cutting the bottle in half to teeing the ball almost a foot high. We made it simple... we mashed the bottle flat and punched trough it with a tee and viola! Awesome idea but apparently not good enough to win the challenge... The guy who won the longest drive drove the ball 350 yards!

Hole #5 - Photo Op
Ah... before playing the hole, each team had to take a photo with a Puma model and be as creative as possible. The wackiest group photo wins a prize at the end of the day.

Hole #6 - On the Clock
A par 4 hole that you have to finish in the fastest time possible. The score is based on the total time you get upon sinking the putt. We were able to do it in less than 2 minutes which was an equivalent to a hole in one score.

Hole #7 - Golf Pong
Yeah, beer pong Puma style! Had to chip in to buckets before playing the hole. Each player gets 3 shots to get the balls in the buckets arranged in the shape of a pyramid.

Hole #8 - Mulligan
Each player may use a free mulligan on this hole. Add that to a scramble format... yes... birdie for the win!

Hole #9 - Draw!
We had to draw a card and the card indicated what golf club you can use for the entire hole. We got a 4iron/hybrid which is actually great since it was a Par5 hole. We birdied this one as well. I felt bad for the team ahead of us... they got a sand wedge.

After the tourney, dinner was served and we were given casino chips for the casino. Prizes were given away at the end of the night to the event winners. Overall, it was a fun experience. I am definitely up to doing this again next year!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Llamas Replacing Golf Caddies

Believe it! For $40.00 you can get a llama to carry your golf bag at the Sherwood Forest Country Club in North Carolina. These llama's are trained to carry clubs. After 9 holes, the llamas are taken to a "llama litter box" for a break and then proceed to walk the back nine with you.

Llamas are known for their very mellow temperament making them great golf companions. Check out the video above.