Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger's Bromance

When the going gets tough, the bros get going.

Tiger Woods may now be linked to 10 women. While most of them came forward on their own for their 15 minutes of shame, I mean fame, Tiger still has an alliance of solid bromances that will stick with him no matter what.

Take Byron Bell for example. He is Tiger's childhood friend who allegedly paid for Rachel Uchitel's plane fare to Australia and booked her in the same hotel as Tigers, for what? A little rendezvous with his buddy Tiger?


And today, Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams released a statement in New Zealand as reported by the NZ Herald:
"I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods' stories. Kristy and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest soon."
Really? Of all people, you would think that Stevie would now something right? But I actually applaud Steve for staying out of this whole fiasco... kudos to you Mr. Williams! As for Mr. Bell... if the allegations were true, then shame on you.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Night Live Tiger Woods Skit

SNL Skit: Tiger and Elin Woods in CNN: Wolf Blitzer

Jim Furyk Wins Chevron World Challenge


A lot of people are waiting for this moment. Jim Furyk had been in a funk since after his last tournament win in 2007. Winning the Chevrom World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, CA is truly special not just for him but for fans like me. I've always rooted for Jim to win in almost every event and finally today, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, he did... one more time in his 30s. Furyk is 39 years old and will be turning 40 in May next year.


Adam Scott Wins the 2009 Australian Open

Over a year ago, many felt that Adam Scott epitomized everything young and new in the world of Golf. Ranking #3 in the world in 2008, it seemed like nothing can stop this young lad from conquering... But something did. His world ranking dropped over 50 spots this year and everyone had different reasons and opinion why 2009 had been a very bad year for Scott from too much partying to over-confidence. With only one top ten finish in 2009, nobody expected this Australian native to win the 2009 Australian Open in South Wales Golf Club but he did. What's even more surprising is him winning by 5 solid strokes over runner up Stuart Appleby.

Adam Scott was quoted saying to Golf.com:
"It's so bizarre, this game, that off the back of such a bad year I finally played good enough to win down here. This is very, very special to me to win here. This is going to be very sweet and something I will treasure for the rest of my career."
Greg Norman, who made the controversial decision to pick Adam Scott to play for the 2009 Presidents Cup International Team presented him with the Australian Open trophy.

Is this Australian Open Win a fluke or is this the return of THE Adam Scott? This remains to be seen in 2010.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye Golf

I haven't posted anything in 2 months. I was trying to keep my mind off playing golf and everything golf related. See, 2 weeks in to September, I found out that I am pregnant. Yes, I will have a little baby golfer in May 2010. I was really happy and excited about it but with every good thing comes sacrifice. I wasn't allowed by my doctor to play golf during my 1st trimester and come second trimester I was told that I could only play up to my 20th week as long as I abide with my doctor's "conditions". I guess every pregnancy is different. I am currently on my 16th week of pregnancy and after consulting with my doctor about playing 4 weeks ago, I have decided to not play at all. Why you ask? I play golf to have fun, get my exercise and enjoy but I feel that the conditions given to me would not make golf as fun as I am limited to so many things and at the back of my head, I don't want to be worrying about pregnancy-related things when I am out there (though I am still doing some putting drills in the living room).

I surely miss golf and I cant wait to play again next year but I know for sure that this sacrifice will be worth it once my baby arrives. Being a first time mom cant be as hard as learning to swing a golf club is it?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mickelson Wins Tour Championship, Earned $16,000 for Each Golf Stroke!

Sure, Phil Mickelson won the Tour Championship today in Atlanta but Tiger Woods denied him the $1o million FedEx Cup title as he finished 2nd. I am sure that Lefty is okay with it anyways... who wouldn't be after receiving a check for $4.35 million? Phil won $1.35M for winning The Tour Championship and $3.0M for finishing 2nd overall for The FedEx Cup.

Lefty says, "Let me see if I get this straight, I shot a 65 and he (Tiger Woods) shot a 70, and he gets a check for $10 million..." and he adds, "No, I'm just kidding. I didn't play well in the first three events to give myself a chance."

It must be awesome to play golf for a living and win tons of money... this much money!

Let's do the math... Phil Mickelson earned $16, 051.66 for EACH stroke he made the last 4 days! Do we even dare calculate Tiger's!?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blade Putter Covers from Japan

My inner dork strikes again! Some time ago, I posted photos of plush Japanese driver headcovers that I found interesting from Rakuten. I had fun doing it, so why not showcase Blade Putter Covers? Here are the ones that I think stood out:

Obasuka Golf putter cover. I like how the skull theme is not over the top.

This one is from Odyssey... Hold tight little one, Don't fall! haha!

These Puma putter head covers are the most psychedelic of them all!

Fairy Powder putter covers with its appealing simplicity... might come with fairy dust to block the dreaded 3-putts.
Aaaah, according to Skittles, "Taste the Rainbow!" These colorful covers are made by Paradiso.

You guys remember the cartoons Tom and Jerry? I used to watch a lot of those when I was young. Here's Jerry!
These asian inspired putter covers are my favorite. These are by Zipang Studio... I am actually thinking of purchasing one but couldn't figure out which design to pick.

Bridgestone's Doraemon... Love it!
Smiley with peace signs... time for zen putting! Putter cover and baby-tail by Como! Come!
Picone Club putter head covers... pretty colors!
That's all folks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Domonique Foxworth Doesn't Think Golf is a Sport

MASN asked Domonique Foxworth, cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens "10 Not-So-Hard Questions" and one of the questions was: What sport are you the worst at? The 26-year-old cornerback answers with a question, "Is golf considered a sport?" MASN answers, "Yeah, sure." and Domonique Foxworth continues with, "I don't know if I'd consider golf a sport. It's a pastime. But I'm no good at golf."

Ah, what to say... people have been debating and arguing about this issue, if golf is a sport or not, for a long time now. What's interesting is that both camps can prove the other camp wrong from statistical to scientific backup/facts. Do you think that if golf earns its spot on the Olympics, it will end all discussions on this topic?

The NorCal Puma Open 2009

Two days ago, Friday, September 18th, the boys and I drove all the way to Windsor, CA to be part of The Puma Open. It was a long drive from the east bay... with the traffic and a stop over for lunch, it took us 2 1/2 hours to get to the Windsor Golf Club. It was also a scorching 100+ degrees that day and I wasn't happy. I was pretty much in a foul mood because of heat exhaustion the first couple of hours. Registration was at 2:30pm and the tourney started at 4pm. Thank god it started to cool down when the tourney started...

During the registration, we were given instructions on how to play each hole (which I will share later on), and we were made to sign a waiver. Each player were also given 5 drink tickets which we can use throughout the day for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We were also given credits valid for purchases made towards any Puma Golf collection at the pro-shop. After the registration, before leaving the tent area, a Puma model hands each player a bag with a few puma goodies inside.

Between the registration and the tourney, players were free to practice at the range where range balls were provided, or check out the tent by the practice area where they showcased Cobra golf equipment. Naturally, the boys went to the range and I just hung out at Charlie's, the club restaurant, where it was cool and comfortable.

There were a total of 36 teams. The golf carts were all lined up before the event started... all were labeled with team names. This was when I started to feel excited about the whole thing, especially when the signal was given to head to your respective hole assignments for the shotgun start and everyone were cheering. woohoooooo....

The event was a 9-hole, four person scramble with a "twist"...

Hole #1 - Putt the Tee, Drive the Green
Sunny brought an extra putter just for this hole, not knowing that a banged up putter will be provided to us upon teeing off. Marc and I didn't do well driving with the putter, Joe's was long and wrong (bloked it), while Sunny's was perfect. He managed to drive the ball using a putter 170++ yards! We didn't know he had this hidden talent all along.

Hole #2 - AlmostGOLF Hail Mary
Before teeing off, we had to pick one player on our team to chip 3 balls from a designated area to where the rest of us were situated. The object of the game was to catch all 3 balls for casino chips. We picked Joe to chip while the rest of us tried to catch the balls. We caught all 3! :)

Hole #3 - Lucky 7
Play the hole using only your 7-iron. This hole was a par-4 and we got a GIR, thanks to Joe.

Hole #4 - Function Drinks Longest Drive
We had to use a plastic bottle to tee up. We heard people did a lot of crazy things on this hole, from actually cutting the bottle in half to teeing the ball almost a foot high. We made it simple... we mashed the bottle flat and punched trough it with a tee and viola! Awesome idea but apparently not good enough to win the challenge... The guy who won the longest drive drove the ball 350 yards!

Hole #5 - Photo Op
Ah... before playing the hole, each team had to take a photo with a Puma model and be as creative as possible. The wackiest group photo wins a prize at the end of the day.

Hole #6 - On the Clock
A par 4 hole that you have to finish in the fastest time possible. The score is based on the total time you get upon sinking the putt. We were able to do it in less than 2 minutes which was an equivalent to a hole in one score.

Hole #7 - Golf Pong
Yeah, beer pong Puma style! Had to chip in to buckets before playing the hole. Each player gets 3 shots to get the balls in the buckets arranged in the shape of a pyramid.

Hole #8 - Mulligan
Each player may use a free mulligan on this hole. Add that to a scramble format... yes... birdie for the win!

Hole #9 - Draw!
We had to draw a card and the card indicated what golf club you can use for the entire hole. We got a 4iron/hybrid which is actually great since it was a Par5 hole. We birdied this one as well. I felt bad for the team ahead of us... they got a sand wedge.

After the tourney, dinner was served and we were given casino chips for the casino. Prizes were given away at the end of the night to the event winners. Overall, it was a fun experience. I am definitely up to doing this again next year!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Llamas Replacing Golf Caddies

Believe it! For $40.00 you can get a llama to carry your golf bag at the Sherwood Forest Country Club in North Carolina. These llama's are trained to carry clubs. After 9 holes, the llamas are taken to a "llama litter box" for a break and then proceed to walk the back nine with you.

Llamas are known for their very mellow temperament making them great golf companions. Check out the video above.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nike VR Driver

Paul Casey posted photos on Twitter today of the much talked about Nike VR Driver.

This driver is yet to be released. My smart guess would be right before Christmas to capitalize on the holiday. Who knows?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ryu Zen Putter by Gold's Factory

Tour Spec Golf is definitely the place to be if you are like me who has an addiction to everything Japanese when it comes to golf equipment. I love looking at their products, dreaming that I could afford every single thing that strikes my interest, haha....

Anyway, last month, Tour Spec Golf's official blog, Golf to Impress, released photos of a new putter by Gold's Factory. It is called the Ryu Zen putter and damn, it's gorgeous! Master Masayuki Sasaya never ceases to impress me.

Here are a couple of photos from Golf to Impress:

It's gorgeous isn't it???

The insert on this putter is made of German Silver and each tungsten insert is of high grade Japanese tungsten. According to Golf to Impress, only one putter is made and the Ryu Zen will not be mass produced. If you want one, it will have to be custom ordered.

This putter will for sure make my dream-golf-equipment-list!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Tour Championship 2009

Tiger Woods has just won the BMW Championship title with a commanding 8 point lead total. This win puts him back to the #1 spot in the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The top 30 players will be battling it out in two weeks for The Tour Championship title at the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are the top 30 players:
1. Tiger Woods
2. Steve Stricker
3. Jim Furyk
4. Zach Johnson
5. Heath Slocum
6. Padraig Harrington
7. Sean O'Hair
8. Scott Verplank
9. Kenny Perry
10. Jason Dufner
11. Dustin Johnson
12. Nick Watney
13. Geoff Ogilvy
14. Phil Mickelson
15. Retief Goosen
16. Marc Leishman
17. Brian Gay
18. Kevin Na
19. David Toms
20. Lucas Glover
21. YE Yang
22. Ernie Els
23. Hunter Mahan
24. Angel Cabrera
25. Steve Marino
26. Stewart Cink
27. Mike Weir
28. Luke Donald
29. Jerry Kelly
30. John Senden

The points are reset and these players will be given points from 2500 to 210 entering The Tour Championship.

John Senden, No. 30, got really lucky today at Cog Hill. After a double bogey on the 17th hole and a par on the 18th, he was projected to miss the cut for The Tour Championship. The only thing that could save him was a very bad 18th hole for Brandt Snedeker which Brandt delivered. Snedeker shot a triple bogey on the par-4 18th with a 4-putt. This mistake caused him to miss the cut for The Tour Championship, giving the 30th spot to John Senden.

Like Snedeker, Ian Poulter also did not have lady luck on his side today. His chances of making the cut slowly slipped away as he made bogeys after bogeys. It all boiled down to the 18th hole in which he needed to shoot a birdie to make the cut for Atlanta. Poulter was not able to deliver and shot a bogey on the 18th bringing his rank down to 31st with less than half a point behind John Senden.

The most notable move on today's FedEx Cup Playoffs rank would be Jim "The Dark Horse" Furyk. Jim Furyk played a bogey free round today at Cog Hill, and finished tied for second with Australian Marc Leishman. As a result, Furyk jumped from rank 18th to 3rd entering The Tour Championship.

Michael Jordan's Golf Bag Could Be YOURS!

Do you want to own Michael Jordan's personal golf bag? If your answer is YES, then now is your chance! This bag is custom made by Wilson and it is up for auction. Made of leather and vinyl, this autographed bag is embroidered with the Chicago Bulls logo and of course, the number 23. The pre-bidding auction is open until Wednesday September 16th. If interested and if you are prepared to spend big bucks, you can pre-bid online at hunterauctions. Good Luck!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tiger Woods Wants the #1 Spot Back

Give me my #1 spot back, Stricker! Tiger Woods dominated the 3rd round of the BMW Championship today as he shot a course record 62 at Cog Hill. With a 7-shot lead ahead of Snedeker, Leishman and Kuchar after 54 holes, it is certain that he will take the FedEx Cup lead back from Steve Stricker. Brandt Snedeker who is tied for 2nd says, "Looks like Tiger is making it difficult on us." Snedeker played a good round today shooting 5 under par, but it is obviously not good enough.

After shooting a bogey on the first hole, Tiger proceeded and shot 8 birdies and an eagle on the par-5 9th. He made it look so easy!

"It was a round that just kind of built upon himself. I kept hitting good shots and making good putts and, lo and behold, I ended up at 9 under par," says Tiger.

Now this is the Tiger Woods that I miss watching!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Adam Scott is Humbled by Greg Norman's Decision

Today, Adam Scott has this to say via his PGA blog:
"As you probably know, I had a pretty exciting and humbling day on Tuesday when Greg Norman announced that I was chosen for one of his Captain's Picks for the Presidents Cup. It was somewhat unexpected, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Greg's vote of confidence has given me a real boost, and I feel like I can make a contribution in all areas of the event. I have been fortunate enough to play in the last three Presidents Cups for the International side, and I look very forward to being a part of the team in October. It will be a great exprerience playing for Greg Norman."
Ok, I wasn't thrilled when a few days ago, Presidents Cup team captain Greg Norman picked Adam Scott to join the team in San Francisco next month. Now that his surprise pick is settling in my system, I have come to accept it. I think I may have reacted on impulse after the announcement. Now that I have come to terms with it, I guess I have to embrace it... How else can I enjoy watching the event next month if I don't?

Being a San Francisco Bay Area local, I am extra excited about this event, the Harding Park Golf Course is just a bridge away!

LPGA Event to Help Women With Cancer

LPGA is celebrating women's health by teaming up with Pantene Beautiful Lengths to help create wigs for women with cancer. Two days ago in Rogers Arkansas, LPGA players Stacy Lewis, Christina Kim, Vicki Hurst and others donated at least 8 inches of their hair to the cause.

I think that this is great. Above are photos of Christina Kim and Stacy Lewis after the cut.

I admire these ladies for participating in this event. CHEERS!

*PHOTOS courtesy of Christina Kim and Morgan Pressel

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Arnold Palmer

Today is the KING's 80th Birthday!

"I'd like to express to the world
the deep appreciation and gratitude I feel
for the opportunity I've had during my lifetime
to do the things I've wanted to do."
- Armold Palmer

Check out this list from Kingdom Magazine on Arnie's 80 Most Significant Moments.

You can wish Arnold Palmer a Happy Birthday in The Arnold Palmer Memory Book.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surprise! Capt. Greg Norman Picks Adam Scott for Presidents Cup 2009

Adam Scott will be playing with the international team at The Presidents Cup next week in San Francisco... Shocker! Why would Greg Norman pick him aside from the fact that they are both Australians? Greg Norman has this to say:

"What he (Adam Scott) can bring to the locker room, the support he gives to the other players, the connection and the experience that he's had playing on the Presidents Cup team. He was really a logical choice. It's a tough decision, but at the end of the day, we've got a commitment out of a player. He has rededicated himself to a higher degree, so he's going to be ready come 4 weeks from now."

I don't get it. Why would he pick someone who hasn't won anything this year? I don't see the "logic" behind this decision. It doesn't make sense to me, but also, I don't personally know these guys, maybe Adam Scott is a great "cheerleader" who can boost team spirit... but then again, he is no Christina Kim! The only thing I can think of that could make sense is Adam Scott's ability to bring in a huge fan base to support the International Team... a fan base of giddy Tweens that is! I sure hope Greg Norman made the right decision on this one. Adam Scott is a risky choice, one that could easily backfire if he doesn't end up playing well.

Greg Norman also picked Ryo Ishikawa of Japan to join the team. I think that this is an excellent choice. This teenager truly has talent and can back up his popularity with his wins. He is currently on top of Japan's money list.

On the other hand, there were no surprises with US Capt. Fred Couples' picks: Lucas Glover and Hunter Mahan. No risks, he went with the obvious.

Women and Golf: What I Hate About It

I must say that being a woman in a male dominated sport is not easy. Aside from the usual frustrations every golfer has, women still has to deal with other annoyances from the mild to the extreme. Below are some reasons why golf frustrates me.

Woman is NOT equal to Pink - Last year, I went to a local golf store to get my Odyssey Sabertooth putter regripped. I was looking at their putter grips section when I was approached by one of their store attendants offering help. I told him that I am looking for a putter grip that is slightly thicker than normal and that I have narrowed down my selection to 2 grips, the Odyssey Tempest and the Odyssey Taboo, and asked him what he thought looked better. Ignoring the 2 grips I was holding, he grabbed a Winn Medallist Pistol grip in pink from the rack and said, "Oooooh... Pink!", as he dangled the grip in front of me. What the hell was that for!? No thanks for the "help" buddy! I picked the Odyssey tempest and bought a matching headcover with it.

Your Par 4 should NOT equal my Par 5 - We are playing the same hole, yet the scorecard says that this hole is a Par 4 for you and a Par 5 for me... What's up with this? Though it is an advantage on my part, I don't see why my par should be any different than yours. Why not make me a teeing ground further up so we can all play a Par 4 hole? This only validates the fact that golf is a male dominated sport and the extra time and money(?) creating another teeing ground further up is a waste of effort.

I am not SLOW - I know, some of you may not say it to my face but you are thinking it. I had one experience with a golfer who was part of the group behind us about this. It was one weekend and the course was packed. My foursome had to wait several times for our time to tee off in most holes. While waiting for the group ahead of us to clear the fairway so we can hit our tee shots, I was approached by one of the golfers from the group behind us and said, "To speed things up, you should tee ahead of your group since your shots are shorter so you can go ahead and hit again while they make their way to their balls which would be farther up." Excuse me!? I may hit shorter drives than the boys but at least I don't slice it all the way to the other fairway to the right. That "piece of advice" is uncalled for! I am not slow, it's the pace of the entire course that is and if you still haven't figured it out, we are only as fast as the group ahead of us.

Unsolicited advice at the range - Once in a while, usually after work, I would go to a driving range that is on the way from my office to my house and hit a mid-sized bucket. I use this time to relieve stress, unwind and yeah sure, practice. I know I am not a good golfer and think of my self as a recreational golfer. I have no ambition playing golf competitively. What I hate most about going to the range on my own are the men who give me unsolicited advice. First of all, did I ever give you the impression that I needed YOUR help? Stop bothering me. And if you are to give me advice, I better see you hit great shots... but you do not. So stop it. Don't make me come to a point where I stop being polite. *Cringe*

Sexist Remarks - Chauvinist Golfer, "We are playing this weekend and we need a 4th person, wanna play?" "Sure, I can play with you guys as long as you don't mind playing with a newbie," I say. "No problem, will you wear a short golf skirt?" Enough said, sorry, I am not available this weekend, find yourself another 4th person!

Limited equipment choices - I walk in a golf store and ask for ladies equipment, the attendant points to a tiny area at the back where the Ladies' equipment are located. I walk all the way there only to find a few choices and they are all in pink if not baby blue with flowery designs. What's up with that? Can't a woman have blacks, silvers and reds? What I ended up doing is buying men's irons, buy seniors/ladies flex shafts and cut them down to my length. Viola! Kick-ass looking clubs! But why does it have to be so difficult?

LPGA Coverage - Sure, the LPGA is not as fun to watch as the PGA but I think that one of the reasons why this is so is because when watching the LPGA, we don't know half of the field. Why not give more airtime to LPGA tournaments? It is frustrating when I want to watch an LPGA tournament and nobody is covering it. If networks give LPGA players a little bit more exposure, then maybe it will get a bigger following. As people familiarize themselves with the LPGA, the more it will interest them. Plain and simple!

The Red Tee Box is NOT a Joke - Yes, we've heard the jokes... Go tee at the ladies you old fart. Why do you think that the red tee boxes are for the ladies and old people? FYI, the tee boxes are not based on gender, age or how big your biceps are. It is based on your skill level, dimwit! I hate it when I play (and wait) behind a fousome of young men who tee off at the black/professional tees and they can't even drive the ball past the "Ladies" teeing ground! Are you kidding me!? Go tee off at the red and make this fun for all of us!

I am not stupid - Ahhh... let's go back to that local golf store I used to go to. So, earlier this year, I've upgraded my irons from Callaway to Epon. Yes, as previously mentioned, I bought men's irons. With my iron heads neatly packed in a bag, I went to this local golf store and asked for advice as to what kind of shafts they would recommend I should purchase for these babies! After looking at my new Epon heads, the manager busted out his catalog and pointed out shafts that costs $70 each! EACH! 4-PW = 7 shafts x $70 + labor + grips. Are you kidding me? Why would you recommend such expensive shafts to a newbie. You haven't even seen me swing a club or asked me about my personal preferences and you tell me to buy those!? FYI, I want my graphite iron shafts to be around 75 grams, this brings me to the swing weight I feel comfortable with. I also want it cut down half an inch shorter than ladies standard and I feel comfortable with senior flex. Don't even get me started with kickpoint and torque. And just so you know, when you saw that my irons are made in Japan, you were wrong in assuming that it is tapered tip... It's parallel Mr. Know It All! Of course, I didn't say any of these things, I was too disappointed to even make an effort. I told him that I will think about it and left. That was the last time I went to that store. From then on, I started going to their local competition... 4 miles farther but worth the longer drive.

I am sure that in time, this list will get longer. However, I also think that as time passes by, I will have 10 new reasons why I should love golf even more for every 1 that frustrates me. That's the beauty of golf. There are highs and lows. The lows could be maddening but 1 high is enough to erase all the lows away and make you love the game even more.

Monday, September 7, 2009

NorCal Puma Open, Here We Come!

My foursome just registered for the NorCal Puma Open today. It will be held on the 18th at the Windsor Golf Club in Sonoma County. Very excited! :)

Sergio Garcia Gets a Second Chance at the Playoffs

Last week, before The Deutsche Bank Championship, Sergio Garcia was ranked #71 and we all know what that means... He had to make something happen at TPC Boston to not miss the cut and play at The BMW Championship at the Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Illinois. Only the top 70 in FedEx Cup points can advance to the third round of playoffs and Sergio made it happen. His 26th place finish in Massachusetts was enough to elevate his FedEx Cup rank to #55.

While all went well for Sergio Garcia and winner Steve Stricker at the Deutsche Bank Championship, it's all but good news to former number 1 Tiger Woods and FedEx Cup defending champion Vijay Singh.

Tiger lost his number 1 spot to Steve Stricker entering the third round of the Playoffs and Vijay Singh missed the cut for the BMW Championship... he is currently down to 81st. It must be very disappointing for Vijay to not get a chance to defend his title.

Not knowing what to expect seems to be the trend in golf lately. Right now, my guess as to who could win the FedEx Cup is just as good as anyone else. With how things are going, I am not even confident to say that Tiger could win this... I guess there is nothing else to do but wait and watch as the FedEx Cup unfold before our eyes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rory McIlroy Blames Photographer

According to Reuters UK, 20-year-old Rory McIlroy has this to say about the 18th hole at Crans-Sur-Sierre, Switzerland:
"I was annoyed with myself because I was looking for a birdie on the last after playing so well, but the cameraman was annoying me before I teed off and then he clicked on my way down. Some photographers don't know golf, that's the trouble."
Rory McIlroy was obviously not happy with his 18th hole performance at the European Masters but was that comment necessary? I am not sure myself. All I know is that the worst thing that a player could do or say after playing an unsatisfactory round (or hole) is blame their performance on the media, the course, the crowd, or whatever it may be.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Introducing Breanne Loucks

Breanne Loucks could be the new "IT" girl in golf. Born in Wrexham, Wales, this 21-year-old is making waves in Europe's ladies golf scene. She is young, edgy, fun and most importantly, she has talent.

Here's an excerpt from an interview she had with Raise Your Game as transcribed and posted on BBC UK:

RYG: What skills have you learnt from golf?

Breanne: Over the last three years I've become very organised. I like to have everything just so. I am constantly asking questions. You meet lots of people and that means you learn to respect grown-ups, and you learn how to have a conversation with them. It's helped me with social skills and talking to people. It's even helped me talking in public, because I've done some after dinner speaking too. It allows you to grow in confidence as a person, not just as a golfer. I see a lot of difference in the juniors in the club where I play. A lot of the kids there have got respect for older people. They're respectful and they're polite. It's very social.

Do I sense a role model in the making?

Intrigued? Get to know her, watch this video from BBC.

Presiden't Cup 2009: Should Captain Greg Norman pick Ryo Ishikawa?

Should International Team captiain, Greg Norman, pick Japan's Ryo Ishikawa as one of his 2 wild card picks for The President's Cup in San Francisco next month? Australian Geoff Ogilvy thinks so. According to Reuters UK, Geoff Ogilvy told reporters, "Ishikawa should definitely get picked. I think he should be guaranteed at this point," Ogilvy added, "Greg (Norman) has said he's going to go on current form and (Ishikawa's) probably playing better than any of us."

Capatins Greg Norman (International Team) and Fred Couples (Team USA) will be announcing their wild card choices on Tuesday. Each will pick two players to complete the team of 12.

The folowing players have earned their spots on each team:

Team USA
Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
Steve Stricker
Kenny Perry
Zach Johnson
Stewart Cink
Sean O'Hair
Jim Furyk
Anthony Kim
Justin Leonard

International Team
Geoff Ogilvy (Australia)
Vijay Singh (Fiji)
Camilo Villegas (Columbia)
Retief Goosen (South Africa)
Ernie Els (South Africa)
Angel Cabrera (Argentina)
Mike Weir (Canada)
Robert Allenby (Australia)
Y.E. Yang (South Korea)
Tim Clark (South Africa)

My personal picks for wildcards are as follows:

International Team:
1. I would have to agree with Geoff Ogilvy on Ryo Ishikawa. This 17-year-old has talent and he has been playing really well in the Japan Tour this year. I think that he truly deserves to be part of the international team.
2. I also want to see another South African on the team, Rory Sabbatini. He would have gotten the #10 spot if not for YE Yang's suprise PGA Championship win.

Team USA:
1. Of course, I have to pick our Champion... US Open Champ, Lucas Glover. How can I not?
2. I know, the obvious choice would be Brian Gay but Surprise, Surprise! I got love for David Love III!

Now let's wait and see what Tuesday brings...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday Golf at The Bridges Golf Club

I just had a birthday a few days ago. My foursome celebrated my special day by playing a round of golf at The Bridges Golf Club here in San Ramon, CA.

We have 4 golf courses here in San Ramon and this one is proven to be the hardest of them all. This course is actually rated by the NCGA as one of the most challenging courses in Northern California. They weren't kidding! So if you are up for a challenge, you should definitely play this course... with a whopping 142 slope for the white tees, the course will definitely test your golfing skills. Thank God the weather cooperated that day... it was the perfect golfing weather, and since it was my birthday, we were all in a good mood that we just laughed about our lousy game.

The worst hole for me was the 16th:

This hole killed me. I shot a 9... yes, more than a double par. I mostly blame it on my putting. I was doing well with 1 and 2 putts (with an occasional 3) until this hole. For some reason, I couldn't sink the ball! Putt... Putt... Putt... Putt... Yes, a 4-putt!

Here's another tricky one which I double bogeyed:
Aaaah... the 17th hole. Double Bogey! Crossing the first creek was the worst, thank god for the 2-putt!

I shot a par on the par 4 18th, but the damage has been done. I shot a 106 that day, and with it, an additional .6 to my already pathetic handicap.

It was frustrating but I must admit it was uber fun. Sometimes it is not about the course, but the people you play with. Cheers to Marc, Sunny and Joe! :)

Jim Furyk, the Dark Horse

After the first day of the Deutsche Bank Championship in Norton, Massachusetts, Jim Furyk shot -8 to share the lead with Steve Stricker. Both Stricker and Furyk shot a bogey-free round today. Furyk hasn't had a win in over two years and I am crossing my fingers that he could hold on to the lead and win this one. Furyk, being one of my favorite players, is long over due for a win. This dry spell has to end!

Monday, August 31, 2009

KJ Choi is the First Man Out

With only 2 points separating Daniel Chopra and KJ Choi in Fedex Cup points, one may think that it is no big deal... But it is, especially for KJ Choi who, after the first round of playoffs for the FedEx cup, is ranked #101.

After The Barclays, only the top 100 players will advance to The Deutsche Bank Championship in Norton, Massachusetts. This must be very disappointing for Choi as he was ranked #92 last week. Things could've been a lot different for him if not for his performance on Round 2's 18th hole at The Barclays where he shot a triple bogey. Getting a bogey or even a double bogey on that hole could've granted him a chance to play at The Deutsche Bank Championship.

I wonder what he is thinking right now...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Surprise Win at The Barclays

Once again, the unexpected! Tyler Heath Slocum wins The Barclays today in New Jersey. He shared the lead with Steve Stricker coming in to the 18th hole with 9-under-par. The two leaders were in a tremendous amount of pressure to avoid a playoff with a strong trio of Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Padraig Harrington who were all tied for second with 8-under-par.

On the 18th, both Stricker and Slocum drove their tee shots in to bunkers. Slocum's third shot landed 20 feet from the pin while Stricker's third shot landed 10 feet from the pin. Before both men putt for par, I believed that this tournament will lead to a 5-man playoff if not a win by Steve Stricker. Boy was I wrong (once again!). Steve Stricker, the second player with the most FedEx cup points this season missed his 10-foot putt for par and finished with a bogey on the final hole. Heath Solcum on the other hand made his 20-foot putt for par, bagging The Barclays championship title. The most impressive thing is that Solcum looked so calm and confident as he made the winning putt.

With this win, Heath Slocum's FedEx Cup points rank jumped from #124 to #3, trailing Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wii: Tiger Woods 10

A few days ago, I ordered Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 from Amazon. I have been hearing good reviews about this game so I had to check it out myself and I must say, this game is great. I am not saying so because of my obvious love for golf. The game is simply awesome. The Wii MotionPlus additional sensor does a lot for the game as it enhances gameplay. Playing it, especially with a good size telly, almost feels like the real thing (as long as you play the game seriously). The Wii-mote with the MotionPlus attached, is sensitive enough to detect almost every movement of one's swing, including hooks and slices. I think that it may actually help players with their golf swing as it makes you more conscious about your swing path and hitting the ball square. One new thing about this game that I quite enjoy is the Precision Putting mode where the combination of the length of your backswing and the tempo of your downswing determines how far your ball goes. Once again, it is almost like the real thing... It's all about control.

After playing this game a few times this week, I think that it could actually be good golf-swing practice as long as I swing the Wii-mote the same way I swing my clubs in real life. See, as dorky as I am, I am not the type of golfer who practices my swings with an invisible golf club whenever I see a mirror, or a reflection of myself, or even my shadow. Believe me, I have seen golfers do this often and I am sure you have, too... Sunny and Marc are notorious for this. I think that playing this game could be my equivalent of their in-front-of-the-mirror-with-an-imaginary-golf-club-practice-swings. Will my golf swing get better with it? I don't know.

So over-all, this game is awesome... best golf game in the market today. If you are still debating if you should purchase this game or not, I say go for it. It's worth every penny, you just have to make sure you get the MotionPlus with it.

One last thing, as I have mentioned several times on this blog, I am the only female in my foursome. Playing with the boys could sometimes be frustrating, especially with boys who have been playing golf for years. My score is always a double-digit higher than them. Today, the four of us played at The Canyon Lakes Country Club in San Ramon, and as usual, I played the worst round... But virtually, when I play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 with the boys, I win... if not present a challenge. Joy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2 at The Barclays

What happened to Camilo Villegas? Today, after 2 double bogeys and 3 bogeys on the first 9 holes, Spiderman withdrew from The Barclays because of a wrist injury. Apparently, he injured his left wrist early on from lifting weights and playing from the rough on the 17th hole, where he scored his second double bogey of the day, aggravated it. The question is, how serious is this injury and will it prevent him from playing at the Deutsche Bank Championship next week?

Last Wednesday, Camilo tweets, "It's the playoffs... Gotta step up the game..."

I am sure he is very disappointed about this and the same goes with his fans.

Now, let's talk about the surprise solo leader Webb Simpson. Webb who!? Where did this 24-year old come from!? Is he going to pull a Y.E. Yang? Webb is from Raleigh, NC and he just turned pro last year. Though he played a great round yesterday and was tied at 4th, he slipped under everyone's radar with his 5 under par. Today, he shot 3 under, claiming the solo spot on top of the leaderboard. The question is, can he survive two more rounds as Woods and Stricker climb the leaderboard? Will he be able to hang on to the lead or will he follow Sergio's free fall?

Ahhh... Sergio. What happened to the "surge" that everyone was talking about yesterday? Of all the surprises and unexpected events that has been going on in the world of golf the past couple of months, Sergio Garcia's story remains consistent... always an "almost-but-not-quite" moment. I honestly feel bad for him. I seriously hope that he wins a big one soon to break his curse.

Overall, it has been an exciting day today at the Liberty National Golf Club. Take a look at the top ten players leading The Barclays after round 2... Only 1 player, Steve Stricker, is on the FedEx points Top 10. With a bad weather forecast tomorrow, I can't wait to find out what Day 3 will bring.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Unboxing the Dance With Dragon Putter

Three weeks ago, I wrote an article about a birthday present I received way too early. I wasn't allowed to open it until my birthday which is still a few days from now. The Gold's Factory box concealing a limited edition Dance With Dragon putter had been sitting atop my wine bar for 3 weeks until today. I couldn't wait any longer! This afternoon, with my camera in hand at the backyard, I unboxed my new putter, documenting the event:

The putter feels good! I can't wait to use it when I play on Saturday!


Understanding the FedEx Cup Playoffs

Talking to some golfers at work, I noticed that not everyone fully understands how the FedEx Playoffs work. It is quite confusing and with the recent changes, who has time to be up to date with what's going on? I will try to summarize and simplify it the best I can.

First of all, there are 4 Playoff events: The Barclays at the Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey, The Deutsche Bank Championship at TPC Boston in Massachusetts, The BMW Championship at the Cog Hill Golf and Country Club in Illinois, and The Tour Championship the East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta.

125 players with the most FedEx Cup points will be playing at The Barclays. After the points from this event is awarded, the top 100 players will be playing at The Deutsche Bank Championship. And after that, the top 70 will proceed to Illinois for The BMW Championship. These first 3 events will award 2500 FedEx Cup points to each winner, 5 times more than the 500 points normally awarded to winners during the regular season.

All points during the regular season and the points earned during the first 3 Playoffs will be tallied, determining the top 30 players who will advance to The Tour Championship.

Going in to The Tour Championship, all points will be reset to 2500 for the leader, 2250 for the second place, 2000 for third all the way down to 210 points for the 30th place. Doing so will avoid what happened last year when Vijay Singh won the cup early on making The Tour Championship somewhat meaningless.

If this format was implemented last year, it would've been a sweeter ending for Camilo Villegas, who won both The BMW Championship and Tour Championship.

*Photo from PGA Tour

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Winning the FedEx Cup Better than Winning a Major?

Lately, this has been the looming question amongst golf fans and professional golfers. So which is better? The FedEx cup is definitely harder to win as it is a competition that expands weeks. In the end, the golfer who plays the best golf in a longer period of time wins. But is this reason enough to make it better than winning a major? The answer is relative. It depends on the individual answering the question.

I personally think that winning a major is sweeter than winning the FedEx cup because it gives one an opportunity to be part of history dating back a century. Who wouldn't want that? To be part of a list of champions that includes great golfers in history? I guess that the bottom line is that the FedEx cup is still too new to even be on the same plane as a major tournament. Maybe things will change and we can revisit this question in a couple of decades.

Having said that, I will not ignore the other side of the coin... The reason why others may think that winning the Fedex cup is better. Paul Gyodos said, as written by Doug Ferguson in an article for The Golf Channel pretty much sums it up:

"You won't have too many fluky FedEx Cup champions...", says Gyodos, "You look at major championship trophies and see names on there that make you scratch your head. You won't see too many of those on this (The FedEx Cup) trophy."

A very good point, but not good enough for me to change my opinion... at least for the next couple of decades.

Playoffs with Tiger

The Playoffs is right around the corner. In a couple of days, golf greats will be converging in the Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey for The Barclays. Last year, Vijay Singh and Camilo Villegas dominated the playoffs with 2 wins each. Vijay won The Barclays and the Deutsche Bank Championship while Camilo won the BMW Championship and The Tour Championship. The big question is will these two still dominate with the presence of Tiger Woods?

Though 2009 is a major-less year for Tiger, he still won 5 PGA Tournaments... 3 of which he won in July and August. It seems like he is just gaining his momentum and would be a serious threat to anyone in the next 4 weeks. But then again, anything could happen. With him missing the cut at the British Open and with YE Yang snagging the PGA Championship, who knows what's in store... By now, I am learning to expect the unexpected. It actually made golf a little bit more enjoyable.

PGA Tour iPhone Application Available Now

iPhone users, come and get it!

Nike Golf and the PGA Tour partnered to bring this application to iPhone using golf fans for FREE. That's right, you can download this application at Apple's App Store at no charge. The launch timing of this App is perfect, right when the Playoffs for the FedEx Cup is about to begin.

This App will cover the 2009 Playoffs for the Fedex Cup, 2009 Fall Series, All 47 events of the 2010 PGA Season, and the remainder of 2009 and 2010 Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour seasons.

The icing on top of the cake is the App will offer live video coverage of the following holes during the Playoffs:

The Barclays - Hole 16
Deutsche Bank Championship - Hole 18
BMW Chanmpionship - Hole 15
The Tour Championship - Hole 1 & 18

With live video streaming and live scoring, you can stay updated with PGA Tour coverage wherever you may be.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ian Poulter Launches Website

Ian Poulter launched his website, ianpoulter.com, today. His website showcases his game, his life, and last but not least, IJP Design. I must say, the site was very well designed. I like how it gives an interactive feel. So when you enter the site, it will take you to the screenshot above. Those three Ians represent his game, his life, and IJP design. Click one of those guys and he will talk, welcoming you and telling you to check him out. If you wait long enough and not click on the link, Ian will look a bit antsy and say, "What are you waiting for? Come on!" or, "I hate slow play! Click in to IJP Design!"

Quite amusing!

Plush Driver Headcovers from Japan

The following post is written by my inner dork. If extreme dorkiness causes you to roll your eyes and cringe, please STOP reading now. Consider yourself warned. :)

Marc recently discovered a website that sells merchandise from Japan... Of course, being the JDM addict that I am, the first thing that I looked at were the golf stuff, it's crazy! There were so many of them! Anyway, today, while watching TV, I was browsing the site, Rakuten Ichiba, for *plush* driver headcovers. I have no intention of buying, as I am very much content with my Kuma-ku tiger which I fondly named Stanley Joseph. I just wanna see what's out there, what Japanese creativity has to offer! Here are some interesting/cool ones that I found...

Kuma-Ku of course is the coolest of them all...
Dance With Dragon Driver Headcovers in different colors! DWD is one of my favorite golf brand for accessories.... These dragon heads are tight. Only thing is, there is no yellow?
*Photo from Tourspecgolf
Before making the full switch to Japanese golf clubs, I was big on Callaway. My very first golf set was the Callaway Gems which came with a light blue stand bag. I switched to Callaway Fusions after that. This limited edition driver and fairway wood cover is cute. Too bad it's out of stock.
Whenever I browse Japanese sites for golf accessories, I always come across these two guys. Their names are Rilakkuma and Korirakkuma. I have no idea what those stand for, all I know is "Kuma" stands for "Bear"... Thanks to playing years of Tekken growing up.
Next up is Doraemon! I see a lot of Doraemon merchandise, and the thing about this little guy is that some of his expressions are just plain funny...
Any Japanese related list wont be complete without the iconic Hello Kitty. I grew up addicted to it. I remember when I was young, I had to have Hello Kitty everything. From pencils, erasers to lunch boxes. There were a lot of variations but I pick this one... not too pink... it's already plush, we don't want it too girly. Duh!
I am not sure why I picked this one. I cannot pinpoint what it is about this angry looking guy that appeals to me. Maybe coz he looks like he is about to kill his drive.
Speaking of killing drives... last but not least is the famous Ryo Ishikawa. Maybe having a piece of the bashful prince in your bag should get you some of his mojo!
That's it folks! Hope you were even just a bit entertained. Cheers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Loose Impediment! Mammoth Tooth found on Golf Course

A 10,000-year-old tooth of a wooly mammoth was found on the grounds of the Morrison Lake Golf Club in Saranac, Michigan. Grounds keeper Patrick Walker found this 10-pounder last Tuesday. Now I am curious, so they found this tooth, is the pair lying around somewhere in there too!? And, where is the skeleton!?

Captain's Words

Solheim Cup Captain, Beth Daniel, wrote these inspiring words on the board this morning in the USA team room:

"No matter what happens, I love you guys! You all earned your right to be here. Go out, enjoy it, and make the most of this opportunity. Represent your team and country with pride. GO USA!"

I am still high from the win... wish I can afford to go to Ireland in 2 years!
*Photo courtesy of Christina Kim

Team USA wins 2009 Solheim Cup

"The cup stays here!", the crowd cheered at the Rich Harvest Farms. It was an energy-packed day at Sugar Grove, Ill. where Team USA beat Team Europe, 16-12, to win the 2009 Solheim Cup. Sunday started on an even playing field as both teams were tied at 8 points each. The Americans won 8 of the 12 singles matches today, winning the cup for the third straight time.

Vigilantly watching the Solheim Cup, 5 Americans stood out (1) Morgan Pressel for delivering the point that secured Team USA the win after defeating Anna Nordqvist on the singles match, (2) Paula Creamer for displaying leadership and delivering when it counts, (3) Captain's pick Michelle Wie for playing great golf, proving to all the skeptics that she was truly deserving to be part of the team, (4) Christina Kim for playing well and for being everyone's cheerleader, pumping the crowd up, and (5) Cristie Kerr for being a solid and steady player the team could depend on. The Golf Channel created a poll on their website asking golf fans who they think was the "Woman of the Match" from the Solheim Cup 2009. Michelle Wie dominated the poll with a whopping 73% as I write this post. She was spectacular the last few days, giving Team USA the most points at 3.5. This could be the "new beginning" we are waiting for.

It was a lost opportunity for Team Europe. They played really well and put up a good fight. Though it was expected by many that it would be a sure-win for Team USA, I don't think anybody expected that the match would be this close especially after they battled back on Day 2 with the obvious absence of superstar Annika Sorenstam.

During the closing ceremony, captain Beth Daniel said, "It's awesome, especially since it was such a hard fought battle. They had to dig deep, they really had to dig deep to win this, and I am so proud of each and every one of them."

Here are the 2009 Solheim Cup Player Records:



Friday, August 21, 2009

Team USA Takes Lead After Day 1 at Solheim Cup

Paula Creamer's 20-foot putt gave Team USA a point lead today in Sugar Grove, Ill. This point is extra special to partner Juli Inkster as it made her the highest scoring US player in its history with 17.5 points. How amazing is that!?

Random Thoughts:
- If the Solheim Cup was 2 weeks ago, I would say that there is no chance that Team Europe would win this year. But, after the PGA championship, when Y.E. Yang snagged the trophy from Tiger at the last minute, I don't think I can say that anymore.
- Who will be Europe's next Annika Sorenstam? Her absence this year weakens the team.
- What happened to Pettersen and Gustafson?

Michelle Wie Hate Brigade

When Michelle Wie was picked by Solheim Cup Captain Beth Daniel to join Team USA, I have heard and read about a lot of people revolting. Haters all over flooded message boards and news & blog comment sections with various opinion on why she should not be part of the team. The main reason why these people think so is because of her $$$ endorsements, her father's mismanagement, and her playing in the men's circuit. What do these reasons have in common? It's all in the PAST. What a lot of people don't see or refuse to see is how she is deserving to be part of Team USA because she is playing really well in her rookie year at the LPGA.

I think that today's events in Sugar Grove, is aiding Michelle Wie to come out of her shell and be herself. The most important thing is, one can tell that she is truly enjoying herself. She was having fun out there today.

"Today was the most fun I had playing golf!", Wie said, "The fans were amazing!!"

Michelle Wie is only 19-years-old, and whatever happened to her and her career years ago was obviously not her fault as she was too young to be making decisions for herself back then. Her stoicism could be the result of all the criticisms, and not her being snobby and stuck up.

To the Michelle Wie Hate Brigade, whoever and wherever you are, I hope you give her a chance to start fresh. The past is past!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Morgan Pressel Shares Solheim Cup Experience

Sugar Grove, Illinois is the place to be. In a few days, Team USA and Team Europe will be playing for the Solheim Cup. Morgan Pressel shares photos on Twitter:

Morgan Pressel: lots of goodies as always waiting for us here in chicago!! first step...golf bag!

Morgan Pressel: gift bags I made for the team :) ribbons, tattoos, bracelets, stickers, and other goodies!! :)
Natalie Gulbis: Morgan pressel made all the girls goodie bags!

Morgan Pressel: Paula and me in the team room