Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blade Putter Covers from Japan

My inner dork strikes again! Some time ago, I posted photos of plush Japanese driver headcovers that I found interesting from Rakuten. I had fun doing it, so why not showcase Blade Putter Covers? Here are the ones that I think stood out:

Obasuka Golf putter cover. I like how the skull theme is not over the top.

This one is from Odyssey... Hold tight little one, Don't fall! haha!

These Puma putter head covers are the most psychedelic of them all!

Fairy Powder putter covers with its appealing simplicity... might come with fairy dust to block the dreaded 3-putts.
Aaaah, according to Skittles, "Taste the Rainbow!" These colorful covers are made by Paradiso.

You guys remember the cartoons Tom and Jerry? I used to watch a lot of those when I was young. Here's Jerry!
These asian inspired putter covers are my favorite. These are by Zipang Studio... I am actually thinking of purchasing one but couldn't figure out which design to pick.

Bridgestone's Doraemon... Love it!
Smiley with peace signs... time for zen putting! Putter cover and baby-tail by Como! Come!
Picone Club putter head covers... pretty colors!
That's all folks!

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