Sunday, September 20, 2009

Domonique Foxworth Doesn't Think Golf is a Sport

MASN asked Domonique Foxworth, cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens "10 Not-So-Hard Questions" and one of the questions was: What sport are you the worst at? The 26-year-old cornerback answers with a question, "Is golf considered a sport?" MASN answers, "Yeah, sure." and Domonique Foxworth continues with, "I don't know if I'd consider golf a sport. It's a pastime. But I'm no good at golf."

Ah, what to say... people have been debating and arguing about this issue, if golf is a sport or not, for a long time now. What's interesting is that both camps can prove the other camp wrong from statistical to scientific backup/facts. Do you think that if golf earns its spot on the Olympics, it will end all discussions on this topic?

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