Monday, August 24, 2009

Plush Driver Headcovers from Japan

The following post is written by my inner dork. If extreme dorkiness causes you to roll your eyes and cringe, please STOP reading now. Consider yourself warned. :)

Marc recently discovered a website that sells merchandise from Japan... Of course, being the JDM addict that I am, the first thing that I looked at were the golf stuff, it's crazy! There were so many of them! Anyway, today, while watching TV, I was browsing the site, Rakuten Ichiba, for *plush* driver headcovers. I have no intention of buying, as I am very much content with my Kuma-ku tiger which I fondly named Stanley Joseph. I just wanna see what's out there, what Japanese creativity has to offer! Here are some interesting/cool ones that I found...

Kuma-Ku of course is the coolest of them all...
Dance With Dragon Driver Headcovers in different colors! DWD is one of my favorite golf brand for accessories.... These dragon heads are tight. Only thing is, there is no yellow?
*Photo from Tourspecgolf
Before making the full switch to Japanese golf clubs, I was big on Callaway. My very first golf set was the Callaway Gems which came with a light blue stand bag. I switched to Callaway Fusions after that. This limited edition driver and fairway wood cover is cute. Too bad it's out of stock.
Whenever I browse Japanese sites for golf accessories, I always come across these two guys. Their names are Rilakkuma and Korirakkuma. I have no idea what those stand for, all I know is "Kuma" stands for "Bear"... Thanks to playing years of Tekken growing up.
Next up is Doraemon! I see a lot of Doraemon merchandise, and the thing about this little guy is that some of his expressions are just plain funny...
Any Japanese related list wont be complete without the iconic Hello Kitty. I grew up addicted to it. I remember when I was young, I had to have Hello Kitty everything. From pencils, erasers to lunch boxes. There were a lot of variations but I pick this one... not too pink... it's already plush, we don't want it too girly. Duh!
I am not sure why I picked this one. I cannot pinpoint what it is about this angry looking guy that appeals to me. Maybe coz he looks like he is about to kill his drive.
Speaking of killing drives... last but not least is the famous Ryo Ishikawa. Maybe having a piece of the bashful prince in your bag should get you some of his mojo!
That's it folks! Hope you were even just a bit entertained. Cheers!

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