Monday, September 14, 2009

Ryu Zen Putter by Gold's Factory

Tour Spec Golf is definitely the place to be if you are like me who has an addiction to everything Japanese when it comes to golf equipment. I love looking at their products, dreaming that I could afford every single thing that strikes my interest, haha....

Anyway, last month, Tour Spec Golf's official blog, Golf to Impress, released photos of a new putter by Gold's Factory. It is called the Ryu Zen putter and damn, it's gorgeous! Master Masayuki Sasaya never ceases to impress me.

Here are a couple of photos from Golf to Impress:

It's gorgeous isn't it???

The insert on this putter is made of German Silver and each tungsten insert is of high grade Japanese tungsten. According to Golf to Impress, only one putter is made and the Ryu Zen will not be mass produced. If you want one, it will have to be custom ordered.

This putter will for sure make my dream-golf-equipment-list!

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