Saturday, September 5, 2009

Introducing Breanne Loucks

Breanne Loucks could be the new "IT" girl in golf. Born in Wrexham, Wales, this 21-year-old is making waves in Europe's ladies golf scene. She is young, edgy, fun and most importantly, she has talent.

Here's an excerpt from an interview she had with Raise Your Game as transcribed and posted on BBC UK:

RYG: What skills have you learnt from golf?

Breanne: Over the last three years I've become very organised. I like to have everything just so. I am constantly asking questions. You meet lots of people and that means you learn to respect grown-ups, and you learn how to have a conversation with them. It's helped me with social skills and talking to people. It's even helped me talking in public, because I've done some after dinner speaking too. It allows you to grow in confidence as a person, not just as a golfer. I see a lot of difference in the juniors in the club where I play. A lot of the kids there have got respect for older people. They're respectful and they're polite. It's very social.

Do I sense a role model in the making?

Intrigued? Get to know her, watch this video from BBC.


  1. I've met her and she is a real character. yes one to watch