Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Winning the FedEx Cup Better than Winning a Major?

Lately, this has been the looming question amongst golf fans and professional golfers. So which is better? The FedEx cup is definitely harder to win as it is a competition that expands weeks. In the end, the golfer who plays the best golf in a longer period of time wins. But is this reason enough to make it better than winning a major? The answer is relative. It depends on the individual answering the question.

I personally think that winning a major is sweeter than winning the FedEx cup because it gives one an opportunity to be part of history dating back a century. Who wouldn't want that? To be part of a list of champions that includes great golfers in history? I guess that the bottom line is that the FedEx cup is still too new to even be on the same plane as a major tournament. Maybe things will change and we can revisit this question in a couple of decades.

Having said that, I will not ignore the other side of the coin... The reason why others may think that winning the Fedex cup is better. Paul Gyodos said, as written by Doug Ferguson in an article for The Golf Channel pretty much sums it up:

"You won't have too many fluky FedEx Cup champions...", says Gyodos, "You look at major championship trophies and see names on there that make you scratch your head. You won't see too many of those on this (The FedEx Cup) trophy."

A very good point, but not good enough for me to change my opinion... at least for the next couple of decades.

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