Saturday, August 15, 2009


BIRTH.GOLF.DEATH is a golf label that offers unique, cutting edge golf apparel and accessories. I stumbled upon their website ( today and while browsing through their cool stuff, what really caught most of my attention are the keyboard wrist rests. One of the Four quotes that they offer is sooooo me:

"Get me to the golf course before I go crazy!"

This is exactly how I feel when I am at work. I work in finance and the stress level is so high. Sometimes, I just wanna leave work to play a round at a local course but things need to get done and deadlines need to be met. So what do I do? I look at the 2 screens in front of me (a laptop and an extended desktop monitor), stare at my wallpaper... a putting green with a lone golf ball ready for a tap in, take a deep breath and stare at the window for a few seconds.... Aaaah... such a beautiful ay outside... SNAP!!! Who am I kidding? Things need to get done... reality sinks in, I am back in my office, issues waiting to get resolved, questions need to be answered, spreadsheets need to balance, employees need to get paid, journal errors need to get fixed, paperwork and reports all over the place in dire need to jump up a notch or two in the To Do list... all should be done, and it will get done... NOT!!! Outlook calendar alert: meeting in 5 minutes in conference room! An it goes on, and on, and on....

Now, if I had that keyboard rest... "Get me to the golf course before I go crazy!", I think I'd probably go ahead and undock & pack my laptop, leave and go play golf.

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