Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiger Woods Gets His Mojo Back and Wins 2009 Buick Open

After the British Open at Turnberry, I never really expected Tiger Woods to win tournaments for a while.... I surely did not expect him to win one this soon. I thought that he somehow lost his mojo at Turnberry. I was thinking that maybe something changed in his swing or maybe he is mentally not ready to play well. This happens to all of us, I believe. I know a lot of golfers who lose their mojo and end up playing terribly until the "click" comes back. I call this the dry spell. A good example would be Jim Furyk. Jim Furyk lost something. Something that I think he is still searching for... something he is waiting for to come back. I thought that Tiger entered such phase especially after watching the oh-so-boring first round of the Buick Open. T95, Really!? I did not even bother watching the second round until Marc told me Friday night that Tiger shot a low 63. I couldn't believe it. Then it dawned on me, once again, IT IS TIGER WOODS... The King of Golf we are talking about. I should've expected it, but didn't. I should not have doubted his capability on the green. When he plays bad, he is good, when he plays good, he is PHENOMENAL!

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