Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Allen's Golf Bag

Lori Money, PGA Club professional yesterday tweets: Michael Allen has a flat screen TV built in his golf bag - Rodney Dangerfield style in caddyshack. He watches cartoons.

*Long Pause* Seriously? This I have to see.

I searched the web for a photo of his golf bag and found some at Could this be the future of golf advertisement? Though I think that this is an out-of-the box idea, I can't imagine watching a golf tournament and seeing advertisements (or cartoons) played on golfbag TV screens. I don't know with you but I for sure will easily get distracted by it. "Oooh, I wonder what's playing on Camilo Villegas' bag? Is it showcasing the new J. Lindeberg collection?; What about Geoff Ogilvy or Anna Nordqvist, are their bags showing Puma ads with information on the next Puma Open?! etc. etc."

Could this be the next Pro bag trend? Who's next after Michael Allen?

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