Friday, August 14, 2009

Sergio Bids Farewell to Hazeltine

A decade after his PGA debut, 29-year-old Sergio Garcia is still searching for his first major title. The 91st PGA Championship in Chaska, Minnesota was his last chance to win one before he turns 30 in January. After a promising first round of 1 under par yesterday, Sergio says goodbye to the fans in Hazeltine National Golf Club today with a very disappointing second round of 4 bogeys and 2 double bogeys. With 5 over par total after 2 rounds, he missed the cut by 1 stroke... such a sad finish.

What happened to Sergio? The kid that was once given the nickname of "El Nino" when he was playing like a superstar at 19? The kid that scared the Tiger at the 1999 PGA Championship?

The Associated Press quoted Sergio, "I've had my chances, unfortunately, I haven't taken them, but it's just a matter of keep going, keep going at it, and believing you can do it."

My question is, does he believe deep within himself that he can do it? I think that maybe, he doesn't. It is hard to believe in oneself when there is a tremendous amount of pressure. I don't blame him. It is hard enough for normal people like us, what more for someone like him? When the pressure is coming from golf fans all over the world. For the past few years, after each major tournament that came and went, people and the media talk about him not winning it, asking WHY!?

Isn't the answer obvious? Leave him alone an let him be.

One day when we all least expect it, Sergio will win his much deserved major. You'll see.

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