Saturday, August 8, 2009

iPhone Game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports

A month ago, I purchased the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game for my iPhone. I paid $6.99 to download the game and all I can say is IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I find myself playing this game each down time I have. I picked a female player, named it DBL GLVR of course, and with each tournament, I feel like I am actually playing and living the moment. "If only I was this awesome!" I know it is quite shallow but the game takes me to my fantasy land where I, a double gloving geek, can conquer the green! Haha. Like a little boy with the wildest imagination, I escape reality through this game and for a few minutes... while easily shaping my golf shots on dog legs and driving 400-yards, I reign supreme amongst all present day pros. I know, it's crazy but it's totally worth it.

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