Friday, August 21, 2009

Michelle Wie Hate Brigade

When Michelle Wie was picked by Solheim Cup Captain Beth Daniel to join Team USA, I have heard and read about a lot of people revolting. Haters all over flooded message boards and news & blog comment sections with various opinion on why she should not be part of the team. The main reason why these people think so is because of her $$$ endorsements, her father's mismanagement, and her playing in the men's circuit. What do these reasons have in common? It's all in the PAST. What a lot of people don't see or refuse to see is how she is deserving to be part of Team USA because she is playing really well in her rookie year at the LPGA.

I think that today's events in Sugar Grove, is aiding Michelle Wie to come out of her shell and be herself. The most important thing is, one can tell that she is truly enjoying herself. She was having fun out there today.

"Today was the most fun I had playing golf!", Wie said, "The fans were amazing!!"

Michelle Wie is only 19-years-old, and whatever happened to her and her career years ago was obviously not her fault as she was too young to be making decisions for herself back then. Her stoicism could be the result of all the criticisms, and not her being snobby and stuck up.

To the Michelle Wie Hate Brigade, whoever and wherever you are, I hope you give her a chance to start fresh. The past is past!

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