Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Golf Balls with Attitude

Though I haven't really seen these balls played on a golf course, I have been seeing a lot of these balls sold in cyberspace.  When I went to The Bay Area Golf Show earlier this year, where Tattoo Golf had a booth, I have witnessed a lot of people buy their skull and cross-clubs printed golf balls.  The odd thing about these buyers is that majority of them would buy specialty golf balls not for their use but as presents to other golfers they know.  I guess this would make the receivers treasure the golf balls more and refuse to play it to avoid losing them.  Another thing that I have noticed is that the golfers I know have mixed feelings about flashy golf balls.  Some find it embarrassing to use as "colored golf balls" give the impression that the golfer is new to golf, while some love it and think its fun (more women think the later than men).  What say you?  Below are photos of some balls with attitude:

Tattoo Golf Titleist Pro V1 - Guys will probably pick this ball amongst the rest.  Aside from it being a Pro V1, the skull is "cool" and would be the manliest of the lot.
$14.99 for a sleeve of 3, available here.
Here's another one from Tattoo Golf.  This will appeal to younger female golfers.  It is a Chromax metallic pink ball.  Last Christmas, I received a pack of 6 Chromax metallic pink golf balls as a stocking stuffer.  When I used the ball during a round during the holidays, I was asked by one of the boys, obviously trying to be funny, "Where did that Christmas ornament come from?"...  Well, It was actually a bit funny given we were playing during the holidays but, Hey, I love my pink ornament-looking golf balls and I am embracing it!
$14.99 for a sleeve of 3, available here.

This one is cute, it's a Bridgestone Newing ball and the print is a Japanese anime character, Doraemon.  I would really love to own some of these but I have a feeling that if ever I do get my hands on a sleeve of these golf balls, I will probably end up not playing with it for fear of losing them.  I will keep them safe until I mange to get rid of my awful slice when I drive.
$35 for 12 balls, available here.
These are 2009 Tourstage V10 Vivid golf balls.  It comes in super fun colors: Super Yellow, Super Orange and Super Pink.  Missed the fairway? No problem, these balls will stand out from miles away!
$88 for a 12 balls, available here.

Golf Refugees golf balls not only look cool especially for putting but they claim that Thermal Distance Technology will add distance to your shots... enough said, I'm in!
18 euros for 12 balls, available here.


  1. I bet the anime golf balls would just FLY!! :)
    grab em, Kitz : )

  2. I will if it is guaranteed to fly STRAIGHT. Haha.