Saturday, June 27, 2009


Marc, Sunny, Joe and I played at Lone Tree Golf Course today. After the round, Marc and I went to a friend's house in San Francisco for a small get together and dinner. The host and his wife invited their friend Michelle and husband Reggie over. After dinner, we started talking about golf, golf clubs in particular. As we talked about golf clubs, I told Reggie the history of my sticks... From my first set, Callaway Gems to what I use now,'some Japanese forged irons'.
I was surprised when he asked what kind as most of the golfers I know don't really know much about Japanese golf clubs. And, after I tell them that I use Japanese clubs, they seem to NOT be interested at all. I told Reggie that I am currently using Epon Forged AF-701s, his face lit up and asked "Do you go to TourspecGolf? Thrilled, I said, "YES!"

As it turned out, he is also an avid fan of TourspecGolf and is also in to Japanese clubs such as Epon Forged, Miura, Tourstage, Gold's Factory, Honma Beres, OnOff, PRGR etc. He even knows about Dance with Dragon! Dance with Dragon is a brand that I am very much in to. My golf grips, Iron head covers and other golf accessories are Dance with Dragon. I've never really met anyone who is so in to these things as much as I do and it was instant bonding! What are the odds of meeting someone here in the US who belongs to the same group and is active in a golf forum based half way across the world? He asked me and Marc if we could show him our sticks and we did. He knew what they were, from Marc's Tourstage driver to my Lepon driver! Finally, we meet someone who talks the same talk... Golf Geek, Japanese version!

PHOTO: My Lepon Forged driver by Epon Forged

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