Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine from Florida stayed with me for over a week for a much needed "mini reunion".  During her stay, I shared my passion with golf and encouraged her to pick up the game.  She is a newlywed and her husband plays golf, too!  This morning, I received a text message from her that she went to the driving range with the husband and enjoyed her first serious encounter with a golf club.  I got so excited while reading the text message that it jolted me out of my sleepiness!  I called her up and spoke to her and her husband to hear all about it... I want every single detail!  Her hubby told me that she did amazingly well for a first timer.  She was able to get the ball up, STRAIGHT and hit 50-70 yards!  I wasn't able to ask what club she was using, but it didn't matter.  I remember my first few times at the range, I couldn't make the ball fly more than 2 feet from the ground, couldn't hit past 50 yards with a pitching wedge and would always top the ball if not miss it!  

She is a natural... move over Lorena, make room for Svea!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that she falls inlove with golf as much as I do.  When that happens, she will officially be my first female golf friend... Yay!  Give 'playing with the boys' a break!  

"Girl, let's go to TPC Sawgrass and repaint those ladies tee boxes red!"

PHOTO:  Immortalizing Svea's first time on the range.  

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  1. Hubby is out at sea for a couple of days...
    will have to miss going to the golf course for a bit :(

    I have until november to be "ok enough" to play with you...can't wait