Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts while Watching the Memorial Skins Game

1.  When Tiger won with the chip-in on the last hole, why was I not surprised?  I somewhat expected it to happen while watching.  Leave it to Tiger to deliver when it counts.  

2.  I found it so amusing that during a relaxed game like this, Manny caddied for his big bro, Camilo.  My favorite part was when Camilo for the life of him, couldn't take his Florida Gator head cover off!  Seeing the obvious bond between these two brothers made me miss my little brother while watching the game.

3.  I love the idea that all 8 players wore wireless microphones the whole time.  It seemed like I was actually with them while they were playing.

4.  Jack Nicklaus is so adorable!  Hearing his comments via the wireless microphone makes him even more adorable!

5.  Tiger... expected.  Harrington... not really.

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