Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Friday

After a crazy week of long hours and everything breaking at work, I was able to leave a couple of hours early yesterday.  I headed to Dublin Ranch Golf Course with a coworker and played a full 18.  We were paired with 2 guys from Chevron, Robert and John, who both snuck out of work as well.  This was the perfect ending to one of the craziest weeks in my office... dealing with the "go live" week for our bank conversion that almost failed after weeks of preparation was extremely stressful.  The weather cooperated with me yesterday. We finished at around 8pm and it was still bright and the weather was still comfortable.  Today, I also managed to squeeze in another round with the boys in Castro Valley.  Two rounds of golf this weekend is good, very good... though  I wish I could play more often.

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