Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Play Golf for Free!

With the current state of the economy, it is imperative that we spend our money wisely. A lot of people are cutting down on so many things especially recreation expenses. Let's face it, compared to other sports, golf is on the losing end when it comes to affordability.

I was searching the net earlier today for good golf deals. For playing in public courses, Golfnow offers a wide selection of golf courses around the country for great prices. They also offer a free round of golf after 5 bookings and every 10 bookings thereafter. Also, for some of you who may not know yet, there are a lot of golf courses who will offer a free round of golf on your birthday. Usually, the free round is good to use a week before to a week after the actual birthday. If you live in the San Francisco/Bay Area, here are some of the public courses that I found that you might want to check out for your free round:

Hope you enjoy your birthday par-tee!

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