Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's In The Bag Update

Made some changes... I dropped the Callaway Squareway fairway wood #5 and added a 60* Epon Forged 208 KGX wedge, dropped the 56* Callaway X-forged Vintage wedge and replaced it with a 56* Epon Forged 208 KGX:

Lepon 12* by Epon Forged
Callaway FT-5 13* (backup)
Taylormade Men's Burner Rescue #3 19*
Taylormade Men's Burner Rescue #4 22* 
4-PW Epon AF-701 Forged Irons
52* Epon Forged 208 KGX
56* Epon Forged 208 KGX
60* Epon Forged 208 KGX
Odyssey Sabertooth
Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 (backup)

Here's what I am eyeing now... A Gold's Factory Dance With Dragon Putter:  
(Available at

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  1. Lepon's hot, just make sure you nut it every shot. :)