Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Golf Report

This weekend, we played at Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch (Saturday) and at Lake Chabot in Oakland (Sunday).

Saturday at Lone Tree was TERRIBLE. I wasn't able to enjoy this beautiful golf course because of the weather. As a high handicapper who averages 105 per round, I learned that I should stop playing or not play at all if my score is lower than the temperature outside! The temperature was over 107 degrees! We knew that it was going to be hot the day before the game and we all came prepared but we ended up totally underestimating the heat. After the front 9, I gave up because of heat exhaustion. I went straight to the clubhouse to cool off and decided not to finish the round. The boys on the other hand braved the scorching heat and finished the game. For two hours after the front 9, I stayed at the patio hydrating myself and enjoyed the magnificent view of the course until they finished the game. After the round, Marc told me of a conversation he had in the locker room with a stranger... It went something like this:

Stranger: "Did you play today?"
Marc: "Yes."
Stranger: "It's so hot outside!"
Marc: "I know! One person in our group didn't make it, SHE quit after the front 9."
Stranger: "Ah, Women are wiser than Men!"

Sunday at Lake Chabot was fun! This public course regained its popularity after a recent renovation as golfers flocked to get a chance to play the popular 18th hole... a 656-yard Par 6! It is the hilliest (almost mountainous) course I've ever played so far. My putting was so off as the green was so fast. It took us several holes to get used to the speed. The good thing about today's game is that I was hitting my driver well.

Let's talk more about the 18th hole...

The photo above is half of it! It's the view from the hole. Notice how the cart path is criss-crossing the fairway? It kinda reminds me of the crookedest street in San Francisco! Anyway, the tee boxes are situated on top of a hill at the upper right hand side of the photo, past the photo border. From the teeing ground, the fairway turns left at probably around 300 yards. This turn will give you a clear view of the hole. From the turn, the fairway dips for around 250 yards and ascends another 100 or so yards to the hole. From 100 yards down, if your ball doesn't make it all the way up to the putting green, it will roll all the way back down! Thank goodness that didn't happen to any of us today!

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