Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are You a Golf Geek?

Apparently, you only have to be doing two from the list below to be one according to this interesting post from Nice Ballz.

You might be geeked for golf if:
1. You clean your clubs or scrub your grips before you play
2. You review the online scorecard or take the virtual golf course tour
3. You download the course into your GPS distance measuring device a few days before just to be safe
4. You wash off your dirty pull cart before putting it in the car
5. You buy so many Gatorades and Powerbars that the grocery bagger asks if you want help to your car
6. You pick out your stylish head-to-toe golf outfit the night before
7. You color coordinate your outfit with golf partners a day ahead (not everyone in Paula pink or Tiger red)
8. You play a practice round ahead of an important tournament
9. You change the configuration of your adjustable clubs for each course
10. You check to make sure none of the spikes on your shoes are loose the night before
11. You mark your golf balls before getting to the first tee or, worse, even before arriving at the parking lot
12. You make your next weekend's tee time before getting to work on Monday or, worse, right after your round

I love this list! I am geeked for golf and doing some of things on the list makes me feel good. Let's go through the list one by one...

#1 - OCCASIONALLY - I don't do this all the time but I know that I clean my clubs and grips more often than most golfers I know.
#2 - YES - I am sooo guilty of this. Every time we decide to play, I go online and check the scorecard, the slope rating, the distances and the layouts (especially where the water hazards are located). Even if I suck at golf, I want to be prepared by knowing what I am about to face.
#3 - NO - I don't own a GPS device because I think that it is still premature to own one. Maybe I will get one when I am hitting consistently and nailing my club distances all the time.
#4 - OCCASIONALLY -Ah, I have what the boys call "The Hummer". It is a Clicgear 2.o and I love it. Yes, I TRY to keep it clean but I am not very successful at doing so. I get lazy cleaning the wheels so I got a Clicgear wheel cover so it does not mess up my trunk.
#5 - YES - I buy Gatorade and not just regular Gatorade but Gatorade Tiger! I know, it's dorky.
#6 - YES - If you can't play, display! Gotta look good!
#7 - NO - The boys don't care (maybe except Marc, who is wearing J. Lindeberg on the photo above) and I don't have any female golfers to play with. Hoping that I will someday.
#8 - NO - I don't because of the obvious, I don't play in tournaments.
#9 - NO - I wont notice the difference anyways... maybe in a year or so...
#10 - NO - Same reason as #9
#11 - YES - Worse, I mark my golf balls right after buying them!
#12 - OCCASIONALLY - I just can't get enough of golf, If I could play every day, I would!

So, I have 4 YESes and 3 OCCASIONALLYs. I am geeked for golf and proud of it! I am passionate about golf and being a golf geek makes me happy. CHEERS!

Oh, did I mention I am a Double Glover?

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