Saturday, July 11, 2009

US Open: Paula Creamer and the Par 4 10th

Just a few minutes ago in Saucon Valley Country Club, Paula Creamer got a triple bogey at the Par 4 10th. It was so painful to watch that I found my self stressing out with every shot she made. The hole was setup to be at a drivable distance but instead of playing it safe and laying up, she used her driver from the teeing ground and went for it. I watched her fluorescent pink ball fly and land on a bunker. From this bunker, she had to hit over another bunker on to the green. The flagstick was probably 40 yards away. The bad part is, when she hit this shot, it almost seemed like she did a full swing and to make it worse, her club face hit the ball first before the sand which made it fly over 70 yards and into the rough over the green! From there, she had to chip 3 times before getting her ball on the green. She 2 putted after, for a triple bogey. Can Paula Creamer come back from this triple? Can't wait to find out!


  1. Dear Paula, In the words of the deceased Michael Jackson. "You are not alone". As a fan I was sick when you had the bad hole on #10. Like someone kicked my dog. I felt totally epathy FOR YOU. No matter what happens tomorrow always know we the fans support you thru good times and bad times. that is what it means to be a TRUE fan. Best wishes Paul Ballek

  2. Paula is blessed and is VERY lucky to have a fan like you, Paul. Cheers! :)