Monday, July 20, 2009

Epitome of a Golf Newbie

I was reading a post from Tour Golf Blog about the top ten mistakes all newbie golfers make and while reading the first 9 common mistakes, I was thinking to myself... wow, I guess I am not categorized as a golf newbie anymore as I am not guilty of these things. A warm feeling of accomplishment crept in my system until I read the last, but not least, common mistake... the number 1 mistake a newbie golfer does... BULLSEYE.


"Forget lessons, I'm buying a $400 driver!" - This is without a doubt the biggest newbie mistake in history. You've only been playing a few months, but you think that expensive driver is going to have you shooting in the low 80s? C'mon. Take that money and sign up for a lesson package at your local course or driving range. You'll get more benefit out of just a few lessons than that driver you probably won't hit worth a darn anyway. This applies to that $1000 set of forged blades that no 25+ handicapper has any business hitting.

My golf partnah, Joe, fights with me about this all the time... especially when we start talking about my drive. I have been struggling with my driver(s) for months now and according to him, the last time I've been most consistent with my driver and actually hitting it decent was when I had my Callaway FT-5. Yes, I remember those days... but that was before my addiction to Japanese clubs (Thanks to Marc). I've replaced my Callaway FT-5 with an Epon Monster Beetle Driver... Let's not talk about how much I spent on that baby. It was so pretty to look at but it sabotaged my drive. I used the EMB for 3 months before getting rid of it (it was the most painful thing parting with it but I gotta do what I gotta do). I replaced it with a Lepon driver by Epon Forged. I had problems with my Lepon during the start but I am slowly building my swing back as I slowly get used to it. I am still not 100% happy with it and I know that I will swap it again someday (hopefully not soon coz I am still not ready to hear Joe's "Help me Help you!" spiel this soon). I am still holding on to my FT-5... I guess if all else fails, I can revisit it and it will magically restore my drive.

The photos above are of my irons, Epon Forged AF-701 and the Epon Monster Beetle driver.

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