Sunday, July 12, 2009

High on Golf

May I share a golf moment? These type of moments may be typical moments for you but pardon me, It's my first time...

Played a round today with the boys, I played worse than normal. I scored 5 over my usual average. However, there were two moments during today's round that made my Most-Awesome-Golf-Moment list. The first one would be getting a Green in Regulation (GIR) on a par 4. I mentioned during a previous post how much I hate par 4s because I can never get to the green in 2 strokes. Well, I did it! For the FIRST time since I started playing golf, I did it! I can't believe it took a year for this moment to come... a GIR on a Par 4. I used my driver from the tee box, and with a long way to go, I busted out my 3 Hybrid. While addressing the ball with my 3 Hybrid, Marc asked, are you going to lay up? There was a water hazard between my ball and the green... "No, I am going for it!"And I did. And it landed on the green! I broke the barrier, is this the beginning of frequent GIRs on Par 4s?

The second moment was something I NEVER expected. I always watch the boys make good chips and I never thought that I could chip like they do, never. Today, my chipping was not too bad. I was able to make decent ones but most of my chips were still terrible. On the Par 5 18th hole, after several strokes (please don't ask me how many), I finally got to the green. Well, not quite, I was 2 feet short. Without thinking, I grabbed my sand wedge, addressed the ball, aiming at the flagstick approximately 30 yards away, I slightly closed the club face, and chipped. My eyes grew bigger as my ball approached the hole. I don't know why but while I was watching my ball, It seemed like somebody clicked the "Slow Motion" button... My ball was going... going... GONE! It went in the hole! It sure did! I was jumping for joy! Definitely the #1 Most-Awesome-Golf-Moment. Who would've thought I could pull something like that!? It may be pure luck, but it doesn't matter. It happened. To Me.


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