Friday, July 17, 2009

Too Much Golf Club Slamming!

Golf can be really frustrating. I've heard people say that it is the most difficult sport next to polo. Players can easily get disappointed and emotional when they play bad, however, I feel that players should be extra careful with displaying negativity such as golf club slamming when they are playing... especially during a major event when the whole world is watching. A lot of players are guilty of this but the impact is not as bad as when it's Tiger Woods doing the golf club slamming. I am a very big Tiger fan and I have mentioned that several times here in my blog but today, I am quite bothered seeing him with this kind of demeanor. I keep thinking about children who idolize him and how they feel about seeing their hero act that way... He kept slamming... and slamming... and slamming...

Tiger, that was uncalled for.... but we still love you!

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