Monday, July 6, 2009

Roger Federer vs. Tiger Woods

Tennis great Roger Federer ignited a Federer vs. Woods debate when he won his 6th Wimbledon title yesterday. Watching videos and reading blogs and articles about this discussion is interesting though not as interesting as reading comments posted by readers like the one on MSN Fox Sports. It is so obvious that the bottomline of some of the comments boils down to Golf vs. Tennis and not about the two athletes. Federer's win not just fueled the "Who is the Best Athlete Debate" but also the "Golf vs. Tennis Debate". As a passionate golfer, at times, I may be guilty of being biased but playing tennis and having experienced it as well somehow puts everything in perspective.

I wonder how these two guys are taking all this hype? We all know that Roger and Tiger are good friends, but even good friendships have their moments. Do they secretly have a rivalry? Is Roger secretly thinking "FINALLY!" and Tiger thinking "OH NO!"? Whatever is going on in their heads, I hope that it drives both of them to be even better at their game so we can watch more AWESOME golf and tennis!

Congratulations Roger on your 15th major. Your win makes me pray harder for Tiger to win the British Open in a couple of weeks!

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